Arfon Smith

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Announcing The Journal of Open Source Software

The Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS) is a new take on an idea that's been gaining some traction over the last few years, that is, to publish papers about »

Open Source Licensing of Research Software on GitHub

It's nearly two years now since we (GitHub) worked with the folks at Zenodo to develop an integration[1] designed to make it easier to archive a software repository and »

On the Possibility of Service Oriented Astronomy

There's an idea in the technical world called Service Oriented Architecture. It's a pretty widely recognized as a good way of building big, complex systems in a reliable way and »

Me, myself and I

Every ounce of Britishness in my body is deeply uncomfortable writing this post but over the past 12 months I've twice been invited to speak at careers panels at conferences »

JSON-LD for software discovery, reuse and credit

This is a continuation of some work I've been doing with the Mozilla Science Lab and their 'code as a research object' program. There's multiple aspects to this project including »